Byabani Bygg AB

Byabani Bygg AB is a Swedish construction company based in the town of Oxie. The website aims to inform potential clients about the services offered by the company, with photo galleries to show off said work. The website also provides potential clients with a way to communicate with the company through the contact page.

What was used?

The website is built using the widely used content management system, Wordpress. Although using a CMS, would not have been my first choice as a front end developer, it was what was necessary for this particular project, as that is what the client wanted. The website makes use of the Elementor plugin for wordpress in order to arrange and style the visual elements, along with the WP Forms plugin for the contact form.

What was learnt?

Byabani Bygg AB, was my first time working with a real client and it could not have been a better experience. The client was very cooperating, however I did learn that sometimes what you want is not what the client wants and it is then your job as a front end developer to make the sacrifice and provide the client with what they want. The client was more than satisfied with the work I had done, and can be contacted for a reference through the contact details provided on their website.

What could be improved?

As previously stated, I tend to stay away from CMSs (unless I'm the one who made the CMS), but all in all it was a good learning experience. I would potentially go back and experiment with different plugins that allowed for more freedom in the arrangement of components, or better yet, write some manual css in order to get the nitty gritty bits looking the way I wanted them to.

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