About me!

Shariq Shahbaz



Malmö, Sweden

I'm a self-taught web developer, with a keen sense of design, determined to create elegant, user-friendly and efficient web-apps and websites. A highly skilled front-end developer, with a reasonable understanding of the back-end, but perhaps my greatest skill is my willingness and ability to learn.

Front-End Web Technologies (Profound): React.js, Redux, ES6 Javascript, Restful Infrastructure, HTML5, CSS3

Front-End Web Technologies (Basic): Vue.js

Backend-End Web Technologies (Reasonable): PHP, Django, Laravel, Node.js, Creation and Structure of Rest APIs

Scripts (Profound): JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, BootStrap, Fetch

Database and ORM (Reasonable): MySQL, MongoDB, MongoDB Atlas, PostgreSQL

Web Debug Tools: Mozilla & Chrome developer tools, React Developer Tools, Redux Developer Tools

Versioning and other tools: Git